Syma X8HG Drone Review

Syma drones have been seen to be great devices, and the company has even done something extra with the X8HG drone. It is an improved editiion of the Syma X8G, a fantastic drone which is popular for good design and camera qualities.

The Syma X8HG drone was produced with a feature to that allows it hold its position in the air during flights. This feature is new to the series, and it has literally left a mark on the brand; the altitude hold feature is the reason there is the “H” in the name of the Syma X8HG.  This innovative drone actually has more amazing flight features and more colour schemes, but it is very identical to the previous model in camera and transmitter.


Syma X8HG is a very stable drone, it is really easy to control. The model design being targeted at photography customers with a low budget to get on the aerial view platform; it comes with strengths of headless mode, altitude hold, 3D flips and 2 flight speeds that includes high altitude speed and low altitude speed.

Beginners in drone piloting are mostly the customer who plan to buy on a budget most of the times, and the new functions of the Syma X8HG makes the flight experience so much easier for them. They do not have to do any brain racking for controlling the throttle when the drone is on a flight.

A major plus on this review of the Syma model with the “H” is that it handles really fine when on a flight in light to moderate winds. It has this added stability to show for as a successor to a good model being the X8G. The many creative abilities included in this edition of the Syma X8HG device enhanced the manoeuvring power, but the flying speed is reduced because the drone was not designed for fast flights.


For a low budget drone, the image quality which the camera mounted on this device produces is commendable. This drone model has a camera mounted on it with so much impressive functions that includes capturing videos with 1080P or 720P quality at 30fps and photos of 8MP quality. There is a mount support for the camera attached to the body, and it is easily released if it has to be detached.

The camera on the X8HG is not capable of functioning as a separate device when detached from the Syma X8HG drone; this is because it does not have an independent battery. There is also no control button on the camera, there is only a switch to allow you change modes between 1080P and 720p video recording.


The Syma X8HG being a budget device, it can be acquired for a cost less than $150 with the camera and shipping cost included. It is giving enthusiasts the opportunity to feel the power of aerial views in photography and cinematography.

To conclude on our review, it is important to know that the Syma X8HG has a camera that was designed specifically to function while mounted on the X8HG drone. All the same, it is a top class toy drone that will capture great quality videos and pictures as you enjoy the aerial sight.

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