Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Review

Bebop 2 drone is a quadrocopter with great design from Parrot drone manufacturers; the company has put in high standard functionality into the production of this model. They were able to compact these creativity into a simple leisure drone.

It has four exposed propellers on arms that protrude out of the tube-shaped body design of the drone. It appears to be very streamlined and compact; it is cool and actually made from strong materials. Let’s go right into reviewing this great device;


The Parrot Bebop 2, comes loaded with major creative features that puts it in a class of outstanding drones. These features include the wind resistance that allows the drone to have quite smooth flight im a slightly high winds. There is also the new Black Edition Sky controller feature that involves a new battery connector and button positions; we cannot leave out the 30 axis digital stabilization system which it features.

The FreeFlight 3 app can also be connected to put the device in autonomous flight mode which has all the special functions including the Return Home and Follow Me. The app allows you access image capture during a flight plan; setting altitude and speed levels can be achieved using the compatibility appto command Parrot P7, the dual core CPU running this drone.


The Parrot Bebop 2 is a small drone design made of strong and flexible materials; the body is lifted by the four propellers rotating blades sitting on four arms extending from the streamlined body. It has a bright LED light at the tail to signal its position in the dark; the under plate is the base of the Polystyrene body material, and it connects the arms. These materials and design helps the device to reduce vibrations.

This device is designed to function in indoor and outdoor environments to enable the owner capture images and videos without limitations. The Bebop 2 is a lightweight model but its weight goes a bit above 1 pound. The finishing colours include two brilliant variants being red and white.


This versatile machine is powered by a 2700mAh battery that runs network on the 802.11 WiFi antennas, 8GB memory. This antenna sends and receives frequencies at 5Hz to 2.4 GHz; the camera is also connected to the battery, as well as the flight lifts and hover function.

The camera is a 14 megapixel that supports 1080p video recordings, and this os mounted at the centre front of the drone. There is an average flight time of 25 minutes on the Parrot Bebop 2, with a 65 kilometres per hour as its maximum flight speed.

The exclusive features which we have seen in this review about the Bebop 2 has positioned it in a high-end products standard. The drone is fast, sleek, portable and easy to fly; it has a very good camera, and it is entirely durable as it looks like it can withstand a crash without much damage. You should plan to get one home whether it becomes a gift to a loved one this season, or you want to get an experience of the aerial view of photography and building a career in drone piloting.

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